viernes, 1 de noviembre de 2013

A Venezuelan Night of the Long Knives?

My suspicions are being confirmed. The Venezuelan government is effecting a country wide political clean up.

It is a matter of deep concern that the situation of social unrest in Venezuela is escalating so high and quickly, especially for us Colombians. The border situation isparticularly preoccupating, as that border has long been a known corridor for drug and arms trafficking, leaving from Colombia and Venezuela to other latitudes. That fact makes the region a crime dominated and regulated one, the likes of which during conflicts usually become harbor areas for combatants and prisoners of war.
That the Chavista government would steal the elections and install Nicolás Maduro as president was widely expected, though Venezuelan voters the world over hoped and dreamed of a defeat at the ballots and therefore voted massively, which was demonstrated by the incredibly narrow margin by which Henrique Capriles lost the presidency.
Prior to the elections, I spoke to many political analysts, campaign specialists and even someone within Mr. Capriles’ own campaign. None of us expected Capriles to win, but we all thought he would lose by a 10 or 11% margin to Mr. Maduro. Hence, it was shocking for us all that the actual margin was that 1% announced on Sunday evening. To everyone without exception it was evident that Mr. Capriles had won the elections, and the government modified the results by just that much, or was only able to due to the heavy and ubiquitous presence of Capriles supporters and international observers.
The fact is that the protests staged by Venezuelans against what they are calling the illegitimate election of Maduro are only reasonable when one considers the situation, the feeling and the facts of life in Venezuela. But the violent repression thay are being object of is outrageous and seems almost absurd if the election was indeed democratic and legitimate. It seems to me that these seven casualties and 61 wounded the news outlets are already reporting are not really collateral damage of repressing the manifestations, but rather a 2013 form of the Night of the Long Knives, which was used by the Nazi regime in 1934 to clean up the country from unwanted potential opposers. If that is so, it must be remembered that by 1934 Germany had already become a one-party state, similarly to the long reaching PSUV, and was already setting the stage for WWII.
The news have also reported that certain known opposers of the regime have been threatened and have denounced persecution from government forces. Leopoldo Lopez, former mayor of the Chacao municipality of Caracas and former pre-presidential candidate is one of such opposers.
All this, together with the already denounced mobilisation of troops by the Venezuelan government prior to Chavez’s death announcement make me think that there is much more going on in Venezuela than the news are able to report. There is a political clean up under way, and preparations for larger scale militaryand guerrilla actions are also in the mix.
UPDATE: Someone I know inside the Capriles campaign planning and development, and who now works as a consultant for him, confirmed today that Capriles followers are being seized and tortured and have been for some days now. This confirms, to a certain extent, what I fear about a political clean up. Now add the statements that Maduro has thrown in the last few days, and you have a government effectively scaring its people into fear-based obedience.

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