viernes, 1 de noviembre de 2013

On the Attempt on the Life of a Former Colombian Minister

A few days ago, my wife posed a possibility to me, in light of a recent attempt on a former minister´s life in Bogotá. She said that even though the perpetrators must have considered the collateral damage and the fact that they were indeed trying to kill a person, they also must have felt like those who tried to kill Hitler: the 20 July plotters and so many others. 
Probably, she said, these people thought that they were serving a greater good by doing something horrifying, and that they were taking on the burden of being the criminals, who would then be called heroes. 
I slightly disagree. I concede that such feelings might have lingered in the hearts of some ancient soldiers and soldiers of fortune. But today, I seriously doubt that to be the case. I see these people more as opportunists rather than people of vision.

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