viernes, 1 de noviembre de 2013

On Mexico’s New Head of State and the Great Election Year

It was no surprise at all to find out Enrique Peña Nieto making away with the Mexican presidency in today’s elections in his country. His party, the PRI, has built a fame for itself of espionage, murder and getting away with it. They held power in Mexico for 71 uninterrupted years, having all that time represented the far right which had oligarchy rise to power and remain with it for years in Latin America.
It is that same rancid right tht rises today to power in Mexico. A right that brought much progress while it was not fully understood or scrutinized. But now when so many parties have come into being, the flaws and excesses of the right have been exposed. Not that this exonerates the left, no. The left has had excesses of itself and of the same kind. But because it echoes the feeling of the vast majority, it is that much more popular. The left has had excesses that were most successfully concealed by people’s willing ignorance, while the right’s excesses were concealed by the grand press mechanism.
This was not different from what transpired today in Mexico. While AMLO, the leftist candidate aimed his efforts at the popular sentiment and the reconquest of Mexican heart and soul, EPN focused on broadcasting his visits to different cities and populations online, and on TV and radio spots. The power remains in the hands of the masses, sure. But the point is how that power is convinced. Through spoils distributed among low income voters or by psychological and emotional bombarding?
What is done is done already. But the long lasting effect of this election will be felt over time, when the newly elected government takes hold of the country and steers it where the world is going: right-fostered foreign investment and laws being passed much faster and easier than usual, and more radical opposition being brewed in a heartbeat.

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