viernes, 1 de noviembre de 2013

On the pragmatism of politics and the over polarisation of political parties

Over the last few years, Colombia has undergone a long process of political reformation, if well this process has occurred a bit silently despite its great publicity.

May I explain: A process of unification called National Unity (Unidad Nacional) has been happening for months now, uniting virtually all political parties with decisive power under a single ensign to speed up decisive processes and act swiftly against corruption and process stagnation.

A few detractors of the government have said that this is negative and that it hinders political opposition. My perspective is that it actually speeds it up and riddens it of unnecessary argumentation biased by populist interests and personal gain, eventually disguised as revenge.

I state this last point seeing as the current president comes from a wealthy family where there have already been presidents and other actors of politics in the country. Those who detract the government claim that he does not know what the people are going through, having never been there himself. Nonetheless, what those who follow they who criticise the President´s distance from poverty and toil ignore, is that these same people who speak so ill against him and the institutions of the country once raised arms against the state itself. It is a matter of the concept, not the person or representative. 

Rising against the state demonstrates an underlying wish for anarchy, which is the delight of all who despise institutions and order. So, how can such people who once fought against a system now pretend to be a part of it? 

They argue that they have a different style. They say that this time it will be a fresh and clean government. But they all lack one thing: Experience. They all ignore one fundamental thing: The world functions in one way and it takes one direction. Doing anything opposite to how life is will only render the agent useless and powerless.

So, you want to be the President? Be willing to act.
You want to be the mayor? Be willing to do.

Arguing, especially in politics, accomplishes nothing. Acting is what gets things done, even if afterwards you must face the music and stand for what you have done.

Back to National Unity, arguing and discussion are what led politics to where it is today. Democracy is the worst enemy of the pragmatism which ought to permeate political process. Harsh as it may sound, not everyone should be allowed to occupy public office. Only those prepared and with vision enough to act on behalf of a country, not only a community, must be permitted to be state officials. Thus, National Unity is the best thing that could have happened to this country. It allows the government to function, not to waste time on useless sessions and wearing itself down convincing MPs of much needed actions.

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